MKE Week 11.

“ A new faith has been born, a faith which demands a new form of expression, and this faith is taking form in a deep consciousness of power which is being manifested, in the present spiritual activity found on every hand.’

Hannel wrote these words at the turn of the last century. He wrote this in hopes that science and theology would speak a common language; that religions would come together in the understanding that through the power of faith, concentrated, focused, practiced faith, that we could with the power of the Omniscient and Holy Spirit of God create a and manifest what we desire. This week was again another example of how incredibly powerful our thoughts, anchored in the positive environment of the fruits of the spirit, (peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, self control) will manifest in harmony the goodness we seek in the world. We must believe, consistently think and pray (in union and harmony with the Holy Spirit) for what we desire and it will be created or manifested!

We are more powerful than we can possibly imagine if we were to only harness this simple principal that with faith and in harmony with the Holy Spirit, we can literally change our world. I am challenged. I am humbled yet again. I am grateful. I am awed. I am renewed in my thoughts, and faith, and belief that all things are possible with my relationship with the omniscient Holy Spirit!

I always keep my promises!

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